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how do we do it

In order to help communities and businesses regain control over their energy expenditure and ensure a sustainable energy supply, Rural Maintenance provides an extensive range of services, from energy management to utility administration and support services to municipalities.


Resource Management:

Install and deploy the appropriate metering and management systems.

  • Identify and capture assets, which form the basis of interventions and service delivery.

  • Monitor and verify data to optimise delivery.

  • Utilise data to determine optimal operational, maintenance and infrastructure upgrade programmes.

  • Invest in infrastructure.


Utility Management:

  • Manage the bulk electricity account and the individual electricity offtake points located on a property.

  • Monitor electricity consumption in respect of individual consumers.

  • Invoice consumers for electricity consumption based on the promulgated tariffs and/or collect payment in respect thereof depending on the service offering chosen.

  • Verify bulk electricity costs charged by utility service providers.

  • Financial administration and payment functions.

  • Management control over utility cost and payment process.


Municipal Services:

  • Compilation of master plans.

  • Compilation and operation of asset registers.

  • Improve electricity services revenue and collection.

  • Reduce costs associated with the supply of electricity and related services.

  • Tariff analysis and restructuring.

  • Manage and reduce non-technical losses.

  • Review bulk costs.

  • Implement electricity management technologies.

  • Call centre services.

  • Train and upskill staff within the electricity divisions.


Making the world a better place:

  • We make a proven difference in South Africa to the benefit of our local communities.

  • By minimising electricity waste, we have contributed to extensive water, carbon emission and energy savings, which are beneficial to South Africa and the rest of the world.

  • We help relieve the strain on Eskom and electricity users, by ensuring that wherever we are appointed, municipalities’ payment to Eskom is prioritised.

  • Our endeavours have led to upgrades of deteriorating infrastructure and a turnaround of poor service delivery, which ultimately reduces the burden on Government to intervene.

  • We assist commercial farmers, who are often overlooked by traditional energy providers, with any solar PV problems they may have.

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