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nearly 30 years and counting

Rural Maintenance has established itself as a leading electricity and utility service provider over nearly the past three decades.


We started out performing electricity maintenance services for Eskom’s rapid electrification programme in 1993. By actively involving the community in service delivery, we not only managed to reduce Eskom’s operational expenditure, but actually registered a profit for the energy service provider.


From then on, Rural Maintenance expanded its service offering to include various large corporates in the private sector, municipalities and even the United States Government, European Investment Bank and the World Bank in Mozambique.


With improved efficiencies as one of our main objectives, we took over the operational and maintenance services in three municipalities in Namibia, as well as the Mafube Local Municipality in South Africa. Modimolle Mookgophong local municipality has also received specialised expertise and systems towards realising their recent turnaround. Through our involvement, these municipalities were able to operate more cost-efficiently, with updated infrastructure and improved customer services.


In the private sector, we assisted one of South Africa's biggest banks, a mega property fund and various private property owners (big and small) with a range of projects aimed at optimising resources, reducing costs and energy losses.


More recently, in August 2019, Rural Maintenance established a solar division to assist in reducing energy costs and attempting to reduce our impact on the environment.


Over the nearly 30 years, Rural Maintenance has demonstrated a proven track record as an experienced, capable and reputable energy solution expert for customers from all spheres of Government, as well as the private sector locally and abroad. 



Let us empower you towards a more sustainable future.

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