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Rural Maintenance

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Southern Africa - one community at a time


Southern Africa, its communities and businesses have the potential to thrive. However the burden of discontinuity of electricity supply and the high cost of traditional utility services, especially in rural areas, impede growth in this region.


Rural Maintenance puts the power back into the hands of individuals, businesses and municipalities, by securing affordable and reliable electricity for communities throughout South Africa.

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Our vision

To provide quality, affordable energy to communities and business.


In order to help communities and businesses regain control over their energy expenditure and ensure a sustainable energy supply, Rural Maintenance provides an extensive range of services, from renewable energy generation, energy management to utility administration and support services to municipalities.

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Our mission

Help businesses and communities thrive by delivering reliable and affordable energy-related services that adds value to the business process, improves efficiency, optimise resources and increase the bottom-line whilst respecting the environment.


since 1993

Rural Maintenance has established itself as a leading electricity and utility services provider over nearly three decades.


We started out performing electricity maintenance services for Eskom’s rapid electrification programme in 1993. By actively involving the community in service delivery, we not only managed to reduce Eskom’s operational expenditure but actually registered a profit for the energy service provider.

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